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Your very own Audi-challenger for the 2015 Le Mans 24

As the Perrinn myP1 car is taking shape (literally), here's an exclusive preview on the design of the car and model you will be able to see this summer.

From the official Perrinn myTeam newsletter:

Build of the model starts next week near Birmingham. It will be made of a machined Polyurethane foam coated with 2mm epoxy resin and A-class surface finish (3 weeks alone to sand it!) - target to have finished end of July.

I will give you more info later as there will be 1 day new week when you can come and meet me there, during the machining process, if you are around. To be confirmed.

Working on the livery design at the moment - feeling like having a lot of white to send a message that we are

ready to welcome our title sponsor!

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To answer some of your questions:

  • We want to compete in the full WEC and not only Le Mans. WEC makes sense as we are a world team. Did you know that we have more Members outside Europe than inside? I am glad about this! We want to be truly global.
  • Hybrid system using braking energy (like us and Toyota) is completely independent from engine so there is no need to use an engine designed for energy recovery, which helps a lot.
  • Yes, myP1 is designed to be very simple but in case of crashes it won't make a big difference in terms of repair time, in most cases. It is only if we have to change the rear corner of the diffuser that it will take more time. But if you look at the race this year, most crashes result in large bodywork damage anyway.
  • From my racing experience, it is better to not combine things like combustion engine and hybrid systems together. Because the interaction between high performance systems tends to multiply your chances that something goes wrong by 4 and not 2. So I prefer to keep things separate.
  • The BOM (bill of material) will be available in the future, but there is some work to simplify it to a level that we can share it with you.

For info, I have added new files on the myP1 page after some requests.


Extended interview on the topic coming this weekend. Get to know everything about the 2014 edition of the Le Mans 24 hours, from the expert who helped making this year's rules and builds his own car for the highest category for next year!


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