From the official myTeam Perrinn members' newsletter:

I know there are some work starting on building a virtual team or a virtual driving simulation of myP1 and I want to say again: YES we will supply the necessary data for that, aero, tire, engine etc... But remember that we don't share any data from our suppliers so what we give is our best estimations (which are pretty accurate) or test results. Looking forward to the day we share with you actual measured data from myP1 racing at Le Mans. It will come!


But right now, the focus is very much on how to grow myTeam and increase the awareness on a global scale. The catalyst, the breakthrough will be to unveil a full size replica of myP1. And so I am working on finding solutions. After all, it will be nice to gather around a real car and enjoy a real drink together!

Nicolas Perrin is doing a technical Q&A during Le Mans week. Sign up, and be part of the discussion of a potentially World Championship team in the highest class.

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