You surely know what car would you like to be seen in, but you may have ABSOLUTELY no idea what semi-clothing to buy for your girlfriend. Candice Galek, founder of to the rescue.

Let’s be honest for a minute, people. I mean: men. We will never know the mysterious ways of women. One minute they can make us curse and throw wrenches at oil cans and the next minute we will be in awe before their incomparable attractiveness - as a person, a human being and an object of desire.

We might have an idea what makes a woman a woman, but let it be known: they will always be ahead of the curve in this matter. Pushing aside the world of cars for a minute, I have wandered into the universe of swimwear a bit and asked someone who knows best.

Candice Galek, founder and CEO of one of the largest on-line swimwear stores in the world - - was happy to help me and us, gearheads a bit about “girls’ toys” for a better understanding of this ‘black art’ and a bit of business insight.


Florida or California and why?

Florida 100 percent, the water is clearer and the sand is whiter. Plus its warmer year round!


Continue the sentence: “Florida and bikinis go together like...”

Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

If you had to compare different types of swimwear to certain brands or types of cars in terms of their function, what analogies could you make up?


Great question! I would say Montce swimwear is akin to say a Ferrari. Sleek and lean with bright colors and style. Peixoto swimwear would be a Mercedes Benz or a Rolls Royce with its classic lines and luxurious elegant styling.

When did you decide to turn your passion into business and why?

When you are passionate about something doing it makes it easy to do as a business. Working is no longer working and long hours fly by because you don’t notice the time. Given even when you are passionate about something you can get too much of it, so everything in moderation is the key.


Could you elaborate on the development of Bikini Luxe: from its inception to where is it now and where can you see it going in the future?

From me having this idea in my living room, to registering a business and learning about all the things that go into online e-commerce websites has been an amazing experience. Since my first sale 18 months ago the business has morphed into a warehouse, employees all over the world. And currently the 3rd largest bikini and swimwear website in the world. Long hours and finding a great team have been two key ingredients to the success of Bikiniluxe and we treat all of our employees as family. My goal for the future besides “global domination one bikini at a time” is to grow the store into more of a community that does not focus on much on the retail side of things but more on creating content that is helpful and wanted.


What importance does social media play in your business and what platforms do you find most useful and why?

Absolutely vital, we have 5 instagram accounts currently and they drive a lot of traffic that is interested in exactly what we are selling. They have already seen the picture and want it! My favorite instagram account is our mascot gizmo you can see him here:

Choosing your swimwear can be a very intimate procedure. What does Bikini Luxe try to do to bridge the gap between a webshop - the customer largely being in the dark about her choice - and the actual, tangible thing? What is that extra “mojo” that you can offer with your products and services?


Well for starters we offer a different product than most. The majority of our swimwear is limited edition pieces that you will be hard pressed to find anywhere else in the world. We have teamed up with exclusive Miami Beach designers who create many custom Designer Bikinis in limited runs. You will not be running into someone wearing the same generic Victoria’s Secret-type bikini on the beach or at the pool. And trust me nothing is more embarrassing!

If any of us, guys try to surprise our girl with swimwear, what do we have to take into consideration when trying to make a choice ourselves? Bottom line: what is it that we certainly have to avoid?


Avoid buying anything on sale or with a discount code that can not be returned or possibly exchanged! And take advantage of our customer service we are always available to help you choose color, cut styles and most importantly sizing.

So there you have it folks. It might still be winter, but Valentine’s Day is coming. Who knows, even you might want to wear a bikini.