Probably most driving enthusiasts already tried to take a Street View trip on the piece of road they would once like to tackle, but got tired clicking through it. Here's an application to make a moving video.

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Hyperlapse by Teehan+Lax works on a very simple principle. By adding three coordinates on Google Maps - one for the start, one for the finish and one for the direction the camera should face at all times - you can create a short, online clip as if you were driving through the actual road, drawn from the images of Street View, something like this:

Unfortunately, simplicity comes with a price. As you can add only one angle to the camera, it works with straight stretches of roads best.


I collected a few examples of straightaways of temporary race tracks for your enjoyment. Click on the links.

Mulsanne straight (France) - Keeping in line with Le Mans Daily, the first applicant is the stretch of road between Le Mans and Mulsanne, used for the 24 Hours of Le Mans race. Here is where in 1988 a top speed record of 407kph was set during race.


Targa Florio Piccolo (Italy) - One of the most ancient - still active - road challenges ever featured a devastatingly long straightaway.


Monaco - Barely a straight, the famous tunnel section with the view of the port is a must.

Pescara Circuit (Italy) - The longest ever F1 race track has an appallingly long start/finish line through town.


Bathurst (Australia) - Mount Panorama downhill. Big balls.

AVUS (Germany) - Scenery of the fastest ever Grand Prix race (including all of Formula One) in 1937. Two stretches of freshly-built Autobahn in Berlin, linked with a hairpin turn at one end, and an insanely fast oval on the other (nicknamed "Wall of Death")


Reims-Gueux (France) - Arguably, one of the most beautiful Formula One tracks ever.

Gyón (Hungary) - This stretch of dusty road once once served as part of the London - Istanbul superhighway with this section created with land speed records in mind. Fastest place on Earth after Daytona Beach in the 30s.


Add links to your favourite pieces of roads in the comments

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