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The Next-Gen 'Rush' and the 24-hour Dream

Freddie Hunt on his first 24-hour race, the final showdown in F1 and recreating 'Rush' as a - literally - next-generation documentary.

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Freddie Hunt is being busy as always: he is racing, hosting, pitching, supporting, filming, managing - across continents and sometimes all at the same time. That makes a hectic schedule for one, but I managed to catch up with him briefly to have a look back on what he managed to achieve in 2014 and what he is expecting from this year.

Overall [2014] did [work out] for me. I didn't do as much driving as I hoped. I did - I think - 12 races in total. I did the Walter Hayes Trophy and then the two MRF rounds and that race at Castle Combe to name a few.


The Walter Hayes one was the best of all. I finished 19th out of 120 and I finished 3rd or 4th in the Class B cars. In the semi-finals I contacted someone, so I had a damaged car and I was knocked back to the back end. I started the final 33rd and finished 19th, so that was a very good drive with the conditions very being wet and slippery. It wasn't too bad.

Freddie then continued his venture in the MRF2000 series, coming from Qatar to the next round in Bahrain, supporting the WEC race.


Bahrain unfortunately was a disaster, ha-ha. In the first two races I drove badly - it was my fault. In the second two races I was feeling good, then I was taken out in the first lap, I was hit from behind at the hairpin. Well, it's racing I guess. Bahrain is a tricky circuit, I was enjoying it. It is very technical, you need to drive carefully - if you make one tiny mistake, it could cost you a second. It's a difficult one, I only had two half an hour sessions to learn it, I didn't do any time on a simulator before. It was a tough weekend. Unfortunately I couldn't stay [for the WEC race], I had to catch my plane, so I couldn't really talk a lot to anyone at WEC, which is a bit of shame, but I was busy with my own car and race.


Freddie was also lucky enough to have another outing in the middle-East to witness the final duel between the two Mercedes titans in F1 in Abu-Dhabi.

It was a really good race. It's a shame that Nico had problems with his engine, because I wanted to see a bit more of a fight, but luckily for Lewis it was a relatively straightforward win, it was a great result. Unfortunately we weren't at a very good place to watch from, we had no commentary or TV screens, so we had to concentrate hard to work out what was going on, ha-ha. The atmosphere was like Monaco, it wasn't far off from it.


Freddie then revealed a project he was involved in: a small film crew are following him and his MRF2000 team-mate Mathias Lauda around to - basically- back up on the real life aspect of the movie hit 'Rush', which also included him sitting down with Niki Lauda a bit.


Niki Lauda's Racing Mantra To Freddie Hunt from g33k films on Vimeo.

[Talking to Niki] was really nice. The whole point was to shoot for a documentary - Sons of Speed -, which may be tricky now because at the last round in India Mathias unfortunately won't be there, so it's the Son of Speed rather than Sons of Speed, ha-ha. The picture is about Mathias and I racing together. But they are just shooting and putting it together at the moment.


Freddie has already set his ultimate goal of racing in the Le Mans 24 Hours with now him getting a huge step closer to his dream by entering the 2015 edition of the Britcar 24 with Simon Green Motorsport in a Jaguar XKR-S GT3.

We will be starting testing at Silverstone in February and in March at Spa. It is going to be my first proper endurance race and the first 24-hour race.


Not much else confirmed, but there is definitely more racing opportunities for the rising star in 2015:

Hopefully some more club Formula Ford races with a bit of luck and a small company approached me, they want to do some smaller races. And my sponsor from last year - X-Value Trading - wants to do a couple more, as well. Apart from that we haven't got anything confirmed. I will be meeting some more companies, I'm still looking for a title sponsor.


Image of Freddie Hunt and Mathias Lauda taken from Freddie's Twitter page .

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