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The myP1 Car Comes Alive

If you live in Europe, you can get a taste of how the Perrinn myTeam LMP1H car will look like, as a 1:1 scale model is being built as of now and will do a tour of the continent later this summer.

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From the official Perrinn myTeam newsletter:

I am very glad to announce that we are starting building a full size replica / show car of myP1!

It will be built over the next 6 weeks near Birmingham UK.

If you are in the area and want to come and see the build, let me know and we could arrange something.

This was made possible because of your energy so thank you everyone. I was able to get the required investment because of your commitment to myTeam.

We will start a Tour

with the show car transported on an open trailer some time this summer. Our job will be to spread the pictures as much as we can and gather more Members. I will be glad to meet you during the Tour as well.

I know that the show car will be a significant marketing boost for the project and I can only say how happy I am to know it is coming out soon now!


Care to chase down an LMP1 car that might race against the big boys in 2015 already?

You can take part in the project by signing up at

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