The Good, The Fast and The Retiree

Mash-ups have never sounded this promising, this loud and this fast. What if you let LMP1, IndyCar and F1 cars loose today on the madly banked oval of Monza? Would be the most pointless yet most awesome motor race in history. Great twist: they actually did it.

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If someone told you that he or she was going to Monza this weekend to see the top players and cars from IndyCar, the World Endurance Championship and the Formula One World Championship battling it out on the oval section of the track in a 500-mile race, your common sense-meter would be lingering in the "BS" area as far as the point of such event concerned - given if it were true -, but you would still probably say "Can I go with you? I have to see this!". And if it was 1957 or 1958, you would actually be able to do so.

It is exactly what you think. It is almost like Grand Prix, Le Mans and Winning rolled into one racing epic, except that you would still see front-engine roadsters. The idea came from the Italians who obtained a major overhaul on the abandoned oval section of the Monza circuit for the 1955 Grand Prix. They felt it was now up to the standards of Indianapolis. One thing lead to another, USAC teams were invited to Monza in 1957 to challenge their European rivals in F1.


They dubbed it the "Race of Two Worlds".

Ironically, something not unlike the 2005 US Grand Prix happened. Only a Maserati and a privateer Ferrari showed up for practicing with the other teams and drivers boycotting the event due to safety concerns about the tyres. Furthermore, the two F1 cars pulled out during the early practice sessions, leaving the race a straight Indy-fest, weren't it for the Ecurie Ecosse Jags - that just won Le Mans - saving the day. Needless to say, the Indy cars won unchallenged and unparalleled.

For 1958 the challenge was slightly more diverse. Not only three F1 cars were entered in addition to the D-Types from the year before, but two customized versions of a Jaguar and Maserati F1 cars were fielded, too. It was little-doubted that the oval-specialist Indy cars would win once more, one of the Ferraris made it to 3rd place in the final heat.

The event for a third iteration had to be dropped due to financial reasons and a clash between said classes is yet to be seen.


That leads us to our main question. If you had to pick a year to see all three series' cars racing against each other (not necessarily an oval), which one would it be? The perfect answer would probably be somewhere in the '80s, but what's your pick? What was the best ever alignment of IndyCar, Formula One and World Sportscar Championship?

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