A few might have observed the "coasting" strategy used in F1 getting around the track for fuel efficiency. But is it for such purpose. Hybrid systems are a game-changer and Nicolas Perrin explains how to be fastest at Le Mans with an LMP1-H car.

From the official Perrinn myTeam newsletter:

The first thing I really like watching is the on board videos, especially the one from the Toyota LMP1. Because of the new fuel flow restriction, I have done quite a few laptime simulations to know what is the optimum driving strategy around a lap. That's important to know to design the correct electical motors and batteries for our hybrid system.

From F1 experience and simulations you need to release the electrical energy as quickly as possible on corner exit. Then you can save fuel if needed at end of straights by lifting before braking.

Well this is exactly what you see from the Toyota on board. They boost the car aggressively exit of corner up to about 250kph (huge boost for about 5 seconds) - Then the drivers lift end of straight for about 3 seconds dropping the speed from 340kph down to about 310kph, before hitting the brakes. This lifting strategy actually looks slow driving, but it is the fastest way to go around the lap now. It also reduces brakes wear. We used to do this in Montreal in F1 is brake wear was an issue.

What Toyota does this week is exactly what I anticipated. Still very interesting to see it happening live from the videos to confirm the theory.

The other interesting thing is that they post purple sectors (fast sectors) during IN and OUT laps as well as during SLOW ZONES laps because they don't lift anymore as fuel will be saved during Pit entry/exit or during Slow zones. All in line with the new fuel flow regulation.

The other thing I observe a lot is which work is done in the garages for repair or for setup adjustments and what is actually needed in terms of access for the mechanics (that comes back to bodywork and panel design I talked about earlier and how to make the car lighter).

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