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The Colours that Fuel your Endurance

The Perrinn World Endurance Championship attempt took an unexpected twist and was picked up by 'Brazil'.

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After a few days of the failed crowdsourcing proposal, the Perrinn LMP1 project is more than alive - as another, Brazil-themed, emerging team announced the use of their car design.


In an advert coincidence quite recently, both Brabham and Perrinn announced their crowdfunded program for their respective Le Mans and F1 projects - with only a few weeks between them -, trying to raise a capital for their future works. Not too surprisingly, Nicolas Perrin had to give in early and shut down direct sourcing due to disappointing amount of financial support.


However, his philosophy caught on and inspired a new, emerging team from Brazil to use his open-design car in an experiment to race at Le Mans, giving full credit to the mastermind of it all.

For sure, a team flying the full Brazilian colours would have an impact on the heart of motorsports fans around the world, especially by imagining a superstar such as Bruno Senna at the wheel.


Who knows, they might have the chance of actually making it.

Would you like to see a 'national' team as such taking the Brazilian spirit to the racing tracks around the world?

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