I am heading to the Monte Carlo rally and I am making sure you can send your trolling message to the world from there.

In late January, the Monte Carlo rally is kicking off and I will be there. Since it is not a very cheap venture, I am enabling you to send your message to the world from the site and fetch souvenirs in the meantime and you can invite me for a beer in exchange virtually.

Send me your comments, pictures, notes, whatever you want to take a photo of at the Monte, Monaco or Nice - your choice. Want to send "Hi, mom!" from the infamous Monaco tunnel? Way to go! Want to troll someone next from a drifting rally car? Done.

I will also take a range of - mostly Hot Wheels - diecast cars from my personal collection that you can pick, take it to the place of your choice, take a picture of it and send you both. Want to own a Chevy Monte Carlo SS that has been in Monte Carlo?


Whether you just want me to scrape some rubber of the tarmac, take a rock or anything I can find that might be value to you, let me know and I will try to hunt said objects down and send it your way.

No bucks, no Buck Rogers

I certainly cleared my account to make this trip happen, so if you want to buy me a beer, you can head down to indiegogo to help me not die of hunger up until. It is still in preview mode, because donating is set to start later in the month, but I can turn it on earlier if you wish. It is already live. I will try and fulfill as many requests as I can whether you contributed or not, but it would be cool if you could help me out a bit.


Send your comments, ideas of what I should do during the two (three) days I'll be down there, so that we can make this a community effort.


Follow the #missionmonte hashtag on Twitter.