I was about to go to the Monte Carlo Rally, but I will cancel my flight, so I can urge you to support this Le Mans project.

Although Caterham failed at raising the money for racing at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and I also failed to raise a single buck to go to the Monte Carlo Rally, here's the Brazil Le Mans team aiming at going to Le Mans with the Perrinn LMP1 car.

Brabham has just accomplished its first stage of its Le Mans project, Nicolas Perrin moved on to design a Formula 1 car and whereas I could go to the Monte Carlo Rally with the ticket already booked in a speculative effort, I decided not to go, so I can tell you about the Brazil Le Mans Team once more.


The Brazil Le Mans Team is using the Perrinn LMP1 design for a WEC entry and is now looking for the funds to accomplish. Without a big name or yet any significant advertisement, it is in your hands than the Brabham project.


All sorts of perks up for grabs, I suggest you take a look around the official website and put your two cents there. If something, this is very much of a grassroots effort, I'd suggest you give it a try.

(but if you do insist, I will go to the Monte (grabs coat and rushes out the front door))