[UPDATED] This happened last night when I picked up a notepad and a pen with the purpose of drawing.

Twelve years ago all I wanted to do is to work in the film industry and I wanted to attend this design major at the local university. Turned out that despite my initial beginnings of being good at drawing as a child wasn't cutting it when I picked up drawing once again seriously a decade later, although I was developing rapidly.

I virtually resided to small scribblings during boring classes and completely forgot about it as years went by. Fast forward many years I went to see a psychiatric to sort out some issues I had carried for a long time. As sessions went by, somehow it got to the point to my artistic ambitions and she said: "Why don't you bring some of your works next time?". Turned out later that she had had similar ambitions many years earlier and actually attended the same workshop I went to. So I hoarded up all sorts of drawings, paintings, prints, carvings, whatever that was the compact size from my mother's place along with the first film I edited, but I couldn't burn my music to a CD, for example. When I gathered up all that stuff, I was mesmerized, because some of them were actually pretty good, but had forgotten about them, and the newest of actual art pieces were ten years old.

She really liked what I was doing and a few days later I started to feel bad, because I let that stuff just flow out between my fingers to pursue other things in life, so last night I scrambled things up for an empty notepad with the purpose of drawing something. Anything.

The pen felt strange in my hand, not used to doing this sort of thing for quite a while, but putting down notes, administrating or signing I am very much used to now, nevertheless I managed to make it work to an extent, but it hasn't been great as it was over a decade ago.

So here it is, some of the stuff I drew quickly, photo'd with a potato:

a formula car:


an attempt at a Group C car coming through Mulsanne:

the Monte Carlo rally:


stock cars around a banked corner (drawn about as quickly as they go around):

+1: dog sleeping next to me


+2, I just made this, seems like I'm getting the gist of it once more:

I hope I can find the inspiration and the will to get better, it sure was fun to try drawing once more.