Perrinn myTeam shared ALL blueprints for their LMP1-H car. So pick up a hammer and beat on a Le Mans winner in your shed.

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From the official Perrinn myTeam newsletter:

We are now sharing 100% of the design of myP1 from our website. That represents more than 1000 solids that we have designed at Perrinn over a period of 3 years and that any Member can download from our website. This is a huge message we send that we are committed to sharing our Intellectual Property and make it public and unprotected. Any solid and piece of design we share has been designed by Perrinn. We don't share any data from our suppliers.

I wish that our design will spread as much as possible so any initiatives to create pictures, posts on social media, media articles and more, is welcome.
Any content, design, message can be redistributed by yourself, Members, outside myTeam. There are no restrictions.


You heard the man, now share the content and cue the music for the build. You can access to all data here.


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