Amber Lounge has been bringing you the full star, celebrity, royalty, supermodel and F1-driver studded Monaco Grand Prix experience since 2003 and I was invited to take part.


Disclaimer: Amber Lounge wished to give you such a thorough, first-hand insider look at their Formula 1 weekend activities that they actually asked me to join their Friday U*NITE evening at the Meridien Beach Plaza hotel in Monaco on the 22nd of May - no joke

If you are an F1 fan and older than 20, you must remember Eddie Irvine, the runner-up in the 1999 Formula 1 World Championship season for Ferrari. It happens so that he has a sister, Sonia, who came up with Amber Lounge - one of the most unique, VIP-ish, Monaco nightlife experiences in 2003 that includes Grand Prix after parties, exclusive dining, fashion shows, charity events and some more. It has expanded to multiple events outside Monte Carlo - to Shanghai, Valencia, Delhi, Barcelona - and this year it will visit Singapore, Mexico City and Abu Dhabi as well as Monaco.

[Count the ex and present Formula 1 drivers in this video and predict their end results for the 2015 race; bonus points for emulating Jeremy Clarkson’s sidling]


This year, the party season with the ‘Lounge kicks off the day after the first set of Free Practices with the fashion show - that was started in 2006 under the patronage of none other than regular attendee, HSH Prince Albert II - will aid the charity organization Autism Rocks that raises awareness around autism through music. Celebrity and fashion models (e.g. Jenson Button’s wife, Jessica; Valtteri Bottas’ finacée, Emilia Pikkarainen, SkyF1 presenter Natalie Pinkham, etc.) are to conquer the catwalk in the outfits of Odabash & Macdonald.

[”Are you listening to me Albert, or were you looking at the woman in the transparent dress?”]


The event will see some F1 drivers (Nasr, Hülkenberg, Pérez, Kvyat, Ericsson, Merhi, Stevens) also swapping the tight street hairpins and racing overalls for the short straight line and smart suits for Friday night.

[”Coming through!” ”It’s my line, I have this straight!” “Yeah, yeah, call Charlie Whiting, quick!”]


John Newman is set to open the party and will close each night during the weekend.

[...and this is why you don’t run across race tracks, trying to have a spin in a Formula 1 Ferrari car]


Saturday and Sunday will consist of spectating the Qualifying session and the Race on board the Amber Lounge Celebrity yacht as part of the ‘Lounge Hospitality, followed by the aforementioned afterparties with DJs and live performances.

[”Everybody say ‘Vrooooom!’ Everybody whistle like a turbo!”]

How can you benefit from all this? Well, I will be in Monaco from Thursday to Sunday, trying to catch up with the events and some of the people you have already read about on this blog. Most importantly, though, I will be at the Friday Amber Lounge party, live tweeting the event, attempting to pass on as much information as I can as well as giving a detailed description of the events later on.


[My ride... in my mind. Actually, my ride will have a lot more horsepower than this... and a lot more seats, too.]

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me or anyone at Amber Lounge at the links below. See you there!


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All images are courtesy of Amber Lounge Ltd., image of the streets of Monaco is courtesy of Wikipedia