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Get Your Unique Copy of an LMP1 Car Before It Gets Built for Real

Perrinn MyTeam opened up its merchandise box and challenges its members to participate in a competition to win some unique prizes, including a one-off Le Mans racer replica. Get your Team US together!


The LMP1-H manufacturer is busy building its 1:1 show car that you might see touring when in Europe, but you can win a 1:18 replica - printed for 500GBP worth of US dollars - owned uniquely by team owner Nicolas Perrin, and some other pieces of merchandise.

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Let's have a race and a bit of fun while we are growing myTeam this month!

The race starts now (1st of July) and will end on July the 31st at midnight…
To participate, you need to constitute a team of Members (minimum 2).
All participants will receive something through the post, see below.


The winning team will receive the scale 1:18 model of myP1 3D printed (the one that you see on the front page of this website) – For information it did cost about £500 to build and comes in 3 pieces (separate engine cover and front crash box)

All teams of 4 Members or more will receive a White cap with our logo Embroidered on, 1 Keyring and 2 stickers (per Member, yes each Member will have these items)

All teams of 2 Members or more will receive 1 Keyring and 2 stickers (per Member)

All prizes will be sent after the end of the race. There will be sent as 1 unique package per team to the team address you provide. You will have to distribute the prizes to your team Members.

Building up your team

All you need to do to race is send me an email (by replying to a myTeam message exclusively) with the names of the Members in your team and 1 unique team address.

The leading team when the race finishes will win the 1:18 scale model as well as the other prizes (cap, keyring, stickers).

To be the leader you need to be the first team to send me an email announcing that you have 2 Members, then 3 Members, then 4 Members etc… You will be alerted each time there is a change of leader during the race so you will know how many Members you need to be the new Leader.

Start finding a Member to team up with or invite a friend to join myTeam and then send an email with the list of names and your unique team address. Send an email each time your team grows by one Member so I can follow your progress.

The race is now on! If you already know another Member it is time to send me an email and become our initial leader!

Have fun and don't hesitate to circulate this message outside myTeam, on social media etc… and start growing your own team!


More details on the official website.

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