Nascar Racing 2003 by Papyrus has to be the greatest simulation of the series ever produced. Papyrus racing games has always been praised by their authenticity to reality... and car editor options. I did on, too.

Okay, this was just fiddling around, but I had the idea of starting raising thoughts and interest about somebody actually building a 3D model of the Perrinn myP1 car for one of the games, as the actual blueprints are free to download and free to share. Okay, when I say 'free' it means 'you have to be a member', but dude: this is a car about to run in a World Championship event. Have you seen Adrian Newey handing out the blueprints of the Red Bull car as flyers?

So the idea I had was to paste parts of the blueprint on this 2003 NASCAR template along with the logo as a decoration. It's far from being a fine work, but as I said: I would love to see (and would make Nicolas happy, too) someone being creative with the materials given and built a car own their own.


You can post any of your ideas in the comments.