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Enjoy an F1 and an LMP1 Car on the Same Image, Fitted with a Tank

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Taken at the Defence Show in Shrivenham, Oxfordshire, UK on Friday, a gathering of defense technologies and motorsports. While the proposition would destine it to be a great day at one of the Death Races, it was actually a constructive meeting.

Designer and engineer Nicolas Perrin sent this picture to his members, posing with a model his own design of an LMP1-H car alongside his former employer's F1 car. He's known to be working on his blueprint of an F1 car, which - in the long run - could serve as part of a solution of saving small teams in the 'continental circus'.


As he put it:

We got to fire some machine guns, jump into a tank and enjoy a black tie diner in the middle of various army vehicles and racing cars! That was fun.

It was also the opportunity to take a picture of myself with our LMP1 and the Williams F1 car I used to work on 4 years ago! Family picture...

But the real target for me was business networking... as ever focused on our objective!

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