Colin 7th - a Postnote

Colin McRae hasn't been with us for seven years now. Legend, yes, but lessons need to be learned.

Hard to say this, but the death of Colin McRae will be less talked about than his life for a very good reason. It is a reminder that recklessness can and will cause human lives if you take it out of the 'safe zone'. It is one thing for one to risk his or her own life in a - more or less - isolated environment, but transferring the same attitude to the public is another.


Let his life be the biggest reminder of all motorsports enthisiasts that if even the best can fail in such manner, you can, too, if your head is in the wrong place.

And now, on a happier note, here's what I witnessed two years ago to the day in Wales, on the 5th anniversary of that tragic day.

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