Ever had those weekends when you had to flip a coin what to watch - your favoured racing series or THE team on TV? Well, take your artistic instincts and let’s make a mash-up of them and some race tracks.

You probably heard about Superleague Formula. If not, it was a short-lived open-wheel racing series in Europe a few years ago - in identical cars with sponsorship coming from major football teams (i.e. soccer, but I’m going to refer to it as football). The idea was bonkers at first hearing and having seen the cars lined up for the their first start made me laugh, even more so when I found out that they were about to race two 45-minute stints as if they were the two halves of a football match. Nevertheless SF sported some great racing and awe-inspiring sounding and looking cars.

First of all, the cars were powered by 4.2(!)-litre V12s, revving up to 12,000 rpm while producing 750bhp. That made them sound as early-90s F1 cars and had a performance as current Formula Renault 3.5 racers.


But more importantly, the liveries. They did some great job spreading those easily recognisable primary colours on the rocket ships. They looked exactly as the jerseys of Europe’s finest football clubs and they drew a crowd not typically into racing. So much so, that some events were spectated by tens of thousands of people.

Superleague Formula folded in 2011 having a few football team sponsors left and these fantastic cars never ran again.

But you can do something similar. There are some (stick and) ball games out there sporting some inspiring jerseys. Ever wondered how it would look on a racing car? Let’s do something then.


Take your best drawing, painting, Photoshop, etc. skills and let’s create some fictional racing teams. You may chose any combination you’d like, but the best solution - perhaps - would be to match them so that the audience can have an instant mental resonance.

For example, in my mind, baseball is associated with IndyCar, American football with NASCAR and hockey with dirt track racing from some of the historical background of these series and the nature of the respective sports, as in e.g. IndyCar is typically a North-Eastern type of racing where most MLB teams are historically based and the races tend to be more processional, perhaps slowly developing in a sense, while NASCAR is very much a contact sport and cautions are thrown in frequently with short stints of action between them. A New York Yankees Indy team? A Dallas Cowboys NASCAR one? PErhaps a cricket team on a BTCC car? You name it.


But that is just me, we haven’t event touched hockey, basketball and a loads of other ball-centred sports yet. This is what I would do, you can do whatever you want.


For non-artist types, here’s another challenge: every big ball team has their legendary venue, but not every of these cities have a race track. So fire up Google Maps, have a look around the roads in and outside of town and create your own street race track. How about the San Francisco 49ers’ racing team having their respective, signature track laid out using some of the streets featured in the chase scene of Bullit?


So do your best, come up with something creative. By the time Easter is done and over, we might just have the best racing series’ in the world.

All images are of Creative Commons licence

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