Following the Monaco blast, Amber Lounge is gearing up to head out to Singapore for the next party.

[Disclaimer: Amber Lounge Ltd. was - apparently, in my mind - so satisfied with my work in Monaco that they actually invited me to Singapore. I sadly had to decline, but if you’re around you might find this useful.]

Singapore is getting 50 years old this year that qualifies it one of the youngest and smallest countries in the world. Amber Lounge returns for the Formula 1 weekend on the 19th and 20th of September.

[Keep an eye out - pun intended - for the catwalk action.]

Not unlike the Monaco event, the Singapore edition will feature a fashion show as well, featuring the designs of Ted Baker.


Past Formula 1 drivers for Singapore included Fernando Alonso, Daniel Ricciardo, Felipe Massa, Sergio Perez and Romain Grosjean.

[Fernando was there last year, he’ll probably be too busy going through telemetry data this year, but who knows.]


Previously, Taio Cruz and Estelle were the musical guests, and members of Maroon 5 were invited to party as well, David Beckham had some face time (fitted with “old fan” Niki Lauda).

This is all to heighten the main attraction, i.e. the turbo F1 cars running under the lights in the city centre.


[Who will win this year’s race? Probably not the guys below.]


If you are in the area and have the funds to drop into the party, I heartily recommend it. For more information, visit

[Singapore skyline and Red Bull car images are of Creative Commons licence, rest of the images are property of Amber Lounge Ltd.]