The Acceleration '14 racing and music festival has been touring Europe for a while andproves to be a success. Only few have tried to bring together so many types of cars and bikes for a weekend of racing, and none of them had The Hoff.

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Apart from the Macau Grand Prix there aren't too many events where open-wheel single-seaters, touring cars and motorcycles race on the same circuit at the same weekend. The Acceleration aseries is not only home for young racing talents of all types of racing, but a great opportunity for spectators for a whole weekend of loud cars and music.

Loek Bodelier, Chief Executive Officer Acceleration 2014 says:

The interest for racing is much bigger than the offer. ACCELERATION is a response to this statement, by being affordable to the teams and also to the public, and attractive to all ages and to the whole family. The circuits and racing teams are also part of it, as well as famous music artists who are already committed.

ACCELERATION is also a community where companies can reach new target groups to fit their needs and objectives. Opportunities are countless in terms of sponsorship and partnership. This new concept opens a completely new market.


One of the problems new racing series have is to validate their existence. Terms of "young drivers" and "exciting racing" are used often, yet they are fishing for spectators. They circumvented the problem by integrating a music festival and showing up with a large variety of racing classes.

The category attracting the largest crowds is the FA1 class, which are virtually the old, A1GP cars, loud and nasty, reviving the successful "nations' cup" concept as well.

The MW V6 category is the continuation of the leate Benelux Racing League touring car series, only the cars are converted into truck instead of saloons, throwing some NASCAR flavour at it.

Legend cars are well-known in Britain, lesser on the continent, but soon this is about to change.

For bike enthusiasts, a 600 and a 1000 series will be the daily bread.

Of course, not every track Acceleration visits are homologated to all kinds of racing, some events will be missing categories.

FA1 are not racing at Slovakiaring and Grobnik, and there will be no bikes at the Nurburgring and Monza for homologation reasons.


If you are around, you should pay a visit nevertheless.

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