Since the people at Amber Lounge 2015 were kind enough to invite me to their star-studded Monaco party during the Formula One race, I owe you and them at least one before I leave for their event.

To recap: Amber Lounge is basically a luxurious pageant and party at some of the most glamorous Formula One venues during Grand Prix weekends - Ground Zero for celebrities, business people getting together while enjoying (or not) the F1 cars whizzing past their yachts and private lounges.

To throw a curveball here about Amber Lounge 2015 and the Monaco Grand Prix, I am paraphrasing legendary commentator, Murray Walker saying [The Hungaroring] being a lot like Monaco without the houses. Indeed, such track as my home country’s prime circuit - the Hungaroring - wears some similar characteristics to the Monaco street circuit (meaning it being slow and bumpy), but as you surely realized they couldn’t be further apart on the measuring tape if we compared the cultural impact of the two Grands Prix.

The Monaco Grand Prix has been one of the most important motor racing events throughout Europe - and the world for that matter - and the reason for that is exactly said “houses” - or “furniture” as motorcycle road racers would say.

Monaco has always been a great influence and attraction for the wealthy and such occasions as the Grand Prix proves to be the perfect excuse for these people getting together at such a scenic place to do business or to take a vacation while creating a critical mass of luxury as a by-product - which makes the event so unique.

Amber Lounge was created so that (almost) everyone could have a taste of that lifestyle. Yes, for the everyman it isn’t the most accessible thing ever, but then it wouldn’t be a luxurious event, wouldn’t it? Still, the after-midnight access to the Friday party is still very much affordable for anyone able to buy a cheaper ticket to the race, so you can get a taste of the full, ludicrously expensive features of the whole weekend.

Of course, if you want the full experience, you’d better take out a mortgage on your house, but all promotion aside, if you ever wondered what this sort of lifestyle could be like, Amber Lounge has some preferable options to try. We all (?) love the tenting, anorak-wearing, sausage-cooking rally experience, but it might just worth giving the suit-wearing, champagne-sipping, star-bumping clubbing a shot at some point.

If not, well, that is why was invited to either change your mind or to give a taste of what it is like remotely.

I will be taking part in the fashion shows (accompanied by a charity event for ‘Autism Rocks’):

will be around the dining (I think):

and will party until the morning on Saturday:

and I will be around when things heat up:

I will be live tweeting the event in as much detail as much as I can (don’t expect too many pictures - if at all - live), but I will give you an elaborate write-up on everything I saw and experienced.

Watch some more Amber Lounge on’s 2014 compilation:

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[Ferrari F1 and Monaco harbour image is of Creative Commons licence, rest of them are courtesy of Amber Lounge Ltd.]