Afternoon Showroom: The Last Champ Car Grand Prix of Long Beach

Yesterday we looked at the very first LBGP from 1975, then this morning we threw in some F1 history of West Coast racing from 1982. Now have a look at another historical race at the venue. » 4/13/14 1:11pm Sunday 1:11pm

39 Years Ago: The First Long Beach Grand Prix

After IndyCar has been confirmed through 2018 to be the main attraction at one of the most prestigious street races in the world - followed by a pseudo-bidding war with F1 -, American open-wheel racing returns for another round to the west coast city of Long Beach this weekend. » 4/12/14 9:54am Saturday 9:54am

Nézd, hogy törpül el a Hungaroring a többi pálya mellett

Fantasztikus infografika versenypályák összehasonlításáról. Az egész a Man sziget közútjain zajló Tourist Trophy motorverseny körvonalán belül elhelyezve. Tartalmaz tradicionális, épített versenypályákat, mint a Hungaroring, ismert oválpályákat, a Pikes Peak felfutót, városi pályákat. » 2014. április 1. 17:04 2014. április 1. 17:04

ChampCar Is Apparently Alive And Well - According To The Internet

The Internet is a mysterious place where even magnets and miracles are old-school and childish. It is a playground for trolls, people of identity-crisis and for those who just make stuff up. You make make people dead and dead ones alive and make it believable. I ran across something like this just now, and I know it's… » 4/01/14 8:53am 4/01/14 8:53am